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The first noticeable part for me who embarks the evaluation of ICT topic is that this study brings up the object-based belief and the object-based attitude to assess and predict the e-Government service quality. This last purpose statement made me wish that this article would be one of the evaluations related which can inspire me somehow or something regarding the evaluation theme, but it has more than I actually expected . The first statement that the study takes perspective from other field, i.e. goal perspective-customer satisfaction from the field of marketing, highlights an important degree of interdisciplinary approach in IS field. As it says, the study contributes by recontextualizing the existed model of service content quality and by adding the theory through a differentiation between the service content quality and the service delivery quality using a pleasant rationale.

Move deeper, the study both enrich the theoretical side of e-Government topic by introducing the IT mediated service delivery dimension as the service delivery quality and simultaneously test them together with other four preceding dimensions of the service content quality. Another part that interests me as a newbie in multivariate technique is the prior nomological validity test with an experimental design before the use of structural model through PLS, in which they cautiously aware of (and also explain) the convergent and discriminant validity.

This paper surely has remarkable contribution for one single submitted paper with detail discussion and extensive appendices. I think it is a good guidance, for both conceptual and empirical type of paper. Overall, it is worth to note that when conducting an empirical research we should map and look to the existed theories carefully, conversely, when building a conceptual or theory paper, then, we should look into the prior application of empirical researches done in the field. In addition to that believe, the study shows that by successfully combining extant literature review and synthesis with empirical test that yield a straightforward practical relevance, is certainly worth a publication of five-point journal (RUG classification :))

My comment for Tan, Benbansat, & Cenfetelli article (2010)


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