Ideas Bazaar: Annual Research Symposium

Hosted by BENAIS Student Chapter
Friday, 27 May 2011 – 09:00-17:30, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Program Outline:

May 27
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09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-09:45 Greetings and Agenda: Michel Avital
09:45-10:45 IT and Organization
Peter de Bruyn, University of Antwerp (abstract)
Frank Braun, University of Amsterdam (abstract)
Ton Soetekouw , University of Amsterdam (abstract)
Florian Henning, Maastricht University (abstract)
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:15 Social and Behavioral Issues
Ileana Maris, University of Amsterdam (abstract)
Wietske van Osch, U. of Amsterdam (abstract)
Robin Effing, University of Twente (abstract)
Saima Khan, University of Amsterdam (abstract)
Daniël Bloemers, VU University (abstract)
12:15-01:15 Lunch
01:15-03:00 Plenary: Rudy Hirschheim
The Emergence of the Online Sourcing Marketplace
03:00-03:15 Break
03:15-04:15 Governance, Control and IT Value
– Arivansyah, University of Groningen (abstract)
Kim Maes, Antwerp management school (abstract)
– Sander Huizinga, University of Groningen (abstract)
Paul Buys, University of Groningen (abstract)
04:15-04:30 Break
04:30-05:30 Service Design
Arjan Knol, University of Groningen (abstract)
Yan Wang, University of Tilburg (abstract)
Jaap Kabbedijk, University of Utrecht (abstract)
Fatemeh Nikayin, Delft U. of Technology (abstract)
05:30-06:30 Closing Remarks: Michel Avital
Reception & social mixer for students and faculty

Faculty Mentors
Michel Avital, University of Amsterdam
Rudy Hirschheim, Louisiana State University
Eric Lim, University of Groningen
Rik Maes, University of Amsterdam
Hans Mulder, University of Antwerp
Henk Sol, University of Groningen
Ton Spil, University of Twente
Chee-Wee Tan, University of Groningen

Proceedings (Click image to download)

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General Chairs:
Michel Avital (
Egon Berghout (

Organizing Chair:
Arjan Knol (
Iris Huizinga (

Restaurant-Café IJ-kantine
MT. Ondinaweg 15-17
1033 RE Amsterdam (NDSM-WERF)

Participation and Registration
The symposium provides participants with an opportunity to present their emergent work and receive constructive feedback. See further information in the Call for Submissions (now closed)

Participation is free of charge but advance registration is required by 19 May 2011. For information, contact Arjan Knol (